To do:

  1. If you do not hold a master’s degree, you must send the documents needed (see document in 'Downloads' below) to the VUmc Office of Doctorate Affairs (Bureau Promotiezaken)
  2. To check the authenticity of your foreign documents, you must visit in person the VU Amsterdam Beadle’s Office to show your original certificate (see note 1 below)
  3. In case you are an excellent student from the faculty of medicine VU Amsterdam, who would like to start a PhD trajectory during the first year of your master’s study of medicine, first check if you qualify as MD/PhD student (see document in 'Downloads' below)
  4. After positive decision of the Dean, get registered in Hora Finita (see Registration for PhD graduation tracking system)

    Note 1: Due to the pandemic Covid-19 this is not possible at the moment. It is allowed to postpone this, until the Beadle's Office will be open again.

    Necessary documents:

    • In case you do not hold a master's degree, after the dean's positive advice in writing, upload his confirmation in Hora Finita (see note 2 below), as well as:

      • Certified true copies of all (academic) degrees (see note 3 below); for example: Bachelor’s degree certificates. All certificates must be accompanied by original or certified true copies of course transcripts (see note 4 below); Curriculum vitae; Your valid ID
      • Official translations of all documents mentioned in this section is required in case the language is other than Dutch, English, German, French

    Note 2: An application for admission to the PhD trajectory is submitted in Hora Finita once you have commenced employment as a PhD candidate, but no later than one month after the Dean's positive advice on the exemption concerning the non-master's degree.

    Note 3: Legal documents verifying that you have successfully completed a course of study at in higher education. An academic transcript is an official document listing all modules completed and marks awarded.

    Note 4: Printed versions or copies of the original documents that are sealed, stamped and signed by the authorizing training institute officer or by a notary to certify that the printed versions or copies are true copies of the originals. The Office of Doctorate Affairs also accepts official eTranscripts, which are certified PDFs with an electronic signature from the authorizing registrar.


    Beadle's Office VU
    Main building,

    De boelelaan 1105

    room 2D05
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