Every year during the CaRe days, the CaRe dissertation award is awarded to the PhD candidate with the best dissertation on research in care of that year. This year Eva van der Meij wins the CaRe Award 2020 with here thesis ‘Improving postoperative recovery by eHealth’.

The four research institutes of the Netherlands School of Public Health and Care Research (CaRe) nominate a top three of their best dissertations. These dissertations are then judged by a jury on different criteria, including the excellence in scientific terms, the excellence in realized impact on practice (in primary and secondary care), and the interdisciplinary approach.

APH researcher Eva van der Meij (PhD candidate at Amsterdam UMC) has won this year's CaRe Award with her thesis ‘Improving postoperative recovery by eHealth’. It was a hypothesis-driven study. The jury found the careful exploration of the well-substantiated hypotheses an important factor to award her research. Moreover, her research has had a high societal impact for post-operative care. 

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 the CaRe days did not take place. However, the symposium was changed to a CaRe webinar, in which the Care Award winners were announced (from minute 33:46).