This grant will be used to further improve the care for burn patients. With the grant the three Dutch burn centers (Groningen, Beverwijk and Rotterdam) will intensify research into the timing of skin grafting, the research on artificial skin and implementation of self-management. Prof. Paul van Zuijlen (Amsterdam UMC, RKZ Beverwijk) leads the project in which also Prof. Esther Middelkoop (Amsterdam UMC and director of the Association of Dutch Burn Centers) participates, providing expertise in tissue engineering. Paul van Zuijlen: ‘With the ZonMw subsidy we want to strengthen the top clinical care by valued based health care and ‘shared-decision-making’ to arrive at the best tailor-made treatment. We want patients to feel really helped and understood and to be able to shape their own lives again as much as possible with the options that are important to them personally, therefore also projects on patient self-management in the aftercare process are being financially supported’. AMS Data scientist Stephan van der Zwaard is also involved in the project from the role of Research Data Management, where he will provide the project with advice on data storage, management and analysis'.