There is no central application procedure at the Amsterdam UMC for those wishing to pursue a doctorate. Instead, potential PhD candidates need to apply for advertised vacancies or contact professors personally to ask if they are willing to act as their PhD supervisors. It is up to the individual professor whether or not to accept a request to be a PhD supervisor. The Amsterdam UMC Doctoral School has no influence on that

Most of the PhD candidates at Amsterdam UMC are paid employees, although a small proportion performs their research as external candidates who are funded by other means or receive no salary. In all cases an Amsterdam UMC professor has to agree to act as PhD supervisor

University of Amsterdam (UvA) or VU Amsterdam University (VU)?

The faculty and university to which your PhD supervisor is affiliated will determine the institution from which you will receive your PhD degree. In the case of the Amsterdam UMC, those are the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Amsterdam (UvA) for PhD candidates with a supervisor affiliated with the AMC, and the Faculty of Medicine of the VU Amsterdam University (VU) for PhD candidates with a supervisor affiliated with the VUmc.
Because of the merger of both institutions, the physical location where you will be carrying out your PhD research activities could either be the Amsterdam Medical Center (AMC) or the VU medical Center (VUmc), regardless of the faculty from which you will receive your PhD degree

Steps to take to find a PhD position

At the Amsterdam UMC there is no mediation for PhD positions. You have to find the position yourself or get in contact with a professor who can create a position for you

  • Think about which research field(s) interests you
  • Check vacancies at
  • On the 'Orientation' page we will also be posting PhD positions
  • Internal VU PhD candidates can apply through VU PhD vacancies on the VU website
  • In case there are no suitable vacancies, you may find a professor and ask her/him if they have/would like to create/know a suitable PhD position for you. Find the researchers of Amsterdam UMC on this page

Keep in mind, the Amsterdam UMC Doctoral School is not responsible for recruitment or mediation

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