To do:

After the (co)supervisors have approved the manuscript and after the supervisor has checked and approved the courses and activities done in Hora Finita, you are expected to submit a request to the PhD committee of the Research Institute (see link in 'Downloads' below), to assess the completed training programme in the manner established (also see note 1). The following steps need to be taken:

  1. The PhD committee of the Research Institute assesses and hopefully approves the completed training programme
  2. You upload the final manuscript in Hora Finita
  3. Meanwhile your supervisor composes the Doctorate Committee for assessment of the manuscript and submits it by email to the VUmc Office of Doctorate Affairs (Bureau Promotiezaken), for approval by the dean (note: do not send an email to the dean directly!)
  4. Only after approval of the portfolio, and of the manuscript by the (co)supervisors in Hora finita, your supervisor can fill in the Doctorate Committee in Hora Finita for final approval

Note: The workaround for composition and approval of the Doctorate Committee for assessment of the manuscript, has been changed since the VU Doctorate Regulations have come into force. This will be supported in Hora Finita as soon as possible. Until then the workaround as described in PhD Supervision/Appointment of the DC applies

Note: Please take note of the VU Open Access policy

Necessary documents:

  • If desired a degree supplement can be downloaded from Hora Finita


Note 1: Did you start your PhD trajectory before 1 April 2015?
See 'Tips' in Assessment of the Portfolio

Use the Fill-in Schedule ('Hulp Invulschema'; in Dutch; see below); this will help you to compose the Doctorate Committee in the right way