To do:

  • Schedule a date for your PhD ceremony at the VU Amsterdam Beadle’s Office. You will be given a maximum of two options, which will remain valid for a week. You are advised to consult the supervisors and the members of the Doctorate Committee about these two options
  • The supervisor polls the candidate members on willingness and availability to participate in the Doctorate Committee on the day of the defence and fills out the tab ‘PhD examining committee’ (in Dutch: 'Oppositie') in Hora Finita. Both the VUmc Office of Doctorate Affairs (Promotiezaken) and the Dean assess the composition of the committee
  • Prepare the academic title page and upload it in Hora Finita (see Title page)

Note: No ceremonies will take place in the last three weeks of July, in August, the last two weeks of December

Note: No more changes in the content of the manuscript will be allowed after approval

Necessary documents:

  • Not Applicable


  • The final weeks before summer recess and during the last months of the year, are popular for planning the ceremony for the defence, so the wait may be longer in these periods

  • Friday is the most popular day
  • If some members of the Doctorate Committee are unable to attend the PhD ceremony, then the Chair will appoint replacement members where possible. On the day of the PhD ceremony, these new members will replace the absent members
  • The composition of the PhD Examining Committee must still comply with the Doctorate Regulations (see 'Committee of Assessment'). The Dean has to agree with the proposed replacement(s)