To do:

The rules on the composition of the Doctorate Committee are described in the VU University Amsterdam Doctorate Regulations 2021, articles 9 and 10. Check these articles for full description and conditions.

Make appointments on the Doctorate Committee with the PhD candidate and (co-)supervisors. The PhD candidate adds the team as a proposal in Hora Finita. The Doctorate Committee will be appointed by College of Deans VU Amsterdam.

Composition of the Doctorate Committee:

  • The supervising team consists of a at least two and a maximum of four members: one or two supervisors and one or two co-supervisors (also see note 1)
  • The first and/or second supervisor are affiliated with VU Amsterdam
  • Supervisors need to be a full professor or in the possession of the ius promovendi
  • *The dean may grant the ius promovendi to an associate professor (see below, note 2). Co-supervisors need to have obtained a PhD

Changing the Doctorate Committee:

  • If there is a reason to change the Doctorate Committee during the PhD trajectory, please send a substantiated request to the Office of Doctorate Affairs
  • Mention the the current and the desired composition of the Doctorate Committee
  • Send a copy of the email to all involved members of the committee
  • The employee of the Office of Doctorate Affairs will submit the request to the dean
  • The dean's decision will be communicated with the supervisor
  • After approval by the dean the employee of the Office of Doctorate Affairs will change the committee in Hora Finita
  • All members will be informed by email, sent from Hora Finita

Necessary documents:


Also check the information for PhD candidates in step 2 (Request for Admission) in PhD graduation

(Co-)supervisors are responsible for the supervision of the PhD candidate and make agreements with the supervisor and the PhD candidate in a supervision plan. Duties of the (co-)supervisors are described in the Doctorate Regulations' articles 11 and 12

If more than one supervisor has been appointed, they allocate their collective duties in agreement with the PhD candidate

Note: In exceptional cases and under strict conditions, an aberrant composition will be allowed, based on the supervisors' substantiated request. This decision is taken by the Dean. There are no exceptions to the maximum of four (co-)supervisors