To do:

The required documents must be submitted by email to the Office of Doctorate Affairs by the supervisor or by the PhD candidate (with a copy (cc) to the supervisor for their consent)

    Necessary documents:

    • Completed 'Doctorate Committee composition proposal' form (see downloads below; this form is available in English and in Dutch)
    • If proposing a foreign member: verification that the person holds a current appointment as a full or associate professor affiliated with a university or is an expert and holds a doctorate, needs to be provided. This can be a screenshot or link to the personal/university/hospital webpage or a CV. The title and affiliation must be clearly stated


    As soon as you judge that your approval of the manuscript will be forthcoming in the near future, you need to discuss the desired composition of the Doctorate Committee with the dean, by submitting the form 'Proposal for composition of the Doctorate Committee' (link below)

    The requirements of the composition on the Doctorate Committee you can find in the document below, 'composition Doctorate Committee UvA/AMC'

      Also check the information for PhD Candidates in step 3 (Doctorate committee) in PhD graduation and in step 5 (Submitting manuscript) in PhD graduation

      Only after having received the official decision appointment of the doctorate committee from the Doctorate Board and preferably after the PhD candidate has made a preliminary reservation for the defence ceremony, you submit the manuscript to all voting members of the Doctorate Committee (see step 4 and step 5 in PhD graduation)


      Form: Proposal for composition of the Doctorate Committee - in Englishand Dutch