To do:

Inform the PhD candidate on the following subjects:

  • The PhD candidate needs an Amsterdam UMC / VUmc personnel number for instance (1) to get an email address, (2) to be able to work in the view environment, (3) to get access to the VU University Library and (4) to register for Doctoral School courses

  • The Human Resource department can help. HR contact details: Phone: +31(0)204446000Location: PK 7Z 190 (VUmc); Monday-Thursday
  • In case of any questions on ICT items, the PhD candidate can contact the ICT-service desk. Contact details:
    Phone: +31(0)204440777
    Location: ZH -1 A 14.3 (VUmc); Monday-Friday 8.00 - 12.00 & 12.45 - 16.00
  • Show the PhD candidate where to find information on the specific Research Institute to which the corresponding research project will be embedded
  • Invite the PhD candidate to register with the Amsterdam UMC Doctoral School
  • Draw attention to the PhD plan and discuss it together with the PhD candidate
  • Show him/her how to find the Amsterdam UMC Doctoral School. Send the link of this Doctoral School website to the PhD candidate and invite her/him to navigate through the various articles
    • 1.5 years after the start date, the external PhD candidate should follow the PhD Progress & Consultation procedure, together with the (co-) supervisors. However, if the external PhD candidate is following a trajectory at Sanquin or at , (s)he is probably already involved in a local PhD monitoring system. Since we do not want PhD candidates to be engaged in redundant activities, our PhD Progress & Consultation procedure is not applicable to them. They should merely send us a copy of their Progress Report and report of the meeting with the PI's, instead

    Necessary documents:

    • See the information in the links below