To do:

Contact the corresponding International Officer well ahead of the arrival of the PhD candidate to be informed of the necessary steps: Estefania Velilla Perdomo

VU University Amsterdam has an Immigration Office and an Accommodation Office. You can read more information about these offices on the VU University webpage Visa, Housing & Orientation

Sometimes the Accomodation Office can help to find a place to arrive and search for longer term accomodation, but due to many requests and little availability, the waiting list is long and succes is not guarenteed. And also be aware that this is not a free service; a fee will be charged!

Necessary documents:

  • Use documents provided by the International Office


Check the information for External PhD Candidates, in case the PhD candidate is not going to move to The Netherlands

Also check the information in 'How to guide a new PhD Candidate' AND information for PhD Candidates in Orientation and in step 1 (Starting your PhD) in PhD trajectory and in step 2 (Request for admission) in PhD graduation