To do:

Hora Finita should be accessible and easy to use for (co)supervisors during the supervision of a PhD candidate. However, at the department of doctorate affairs, we regularly receive questions about how to use Hora Finita. Of course, the more you use the system, the easier it gets. However, Hora Finita will be regularly improved and will at times require some adjusting to the system.

First of all: You can consult several Hora Finita manuals on the VU Amsterdam website (link below)

If you have any questions about using Hora Finita, you could contact the department of doctorate affairs.

Necessary documents:

  • The VU PhD registration system Hora Finita


Note: You will receive several messages on the PhD trajectories through Hora Finita. It happens that these end up in the spam box. You can prevent this by adding "" to your so-called 'safe senders'. You can find information on how this works, on the intranet, f.i. check this website. Alternatively, if you expect email about PhD trajectories, please check your spam box from time to time.

Also check the information for PhD Candidates in step 2 PhD Trajectory

MFA: A Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) is applicable for Hora Finita. If you have an 'E-number' as username, for safety reasons you will receive an extra email with a login code. So it's important to make sure that your email address in Hora Finita is correct! If you use a VUnet ID or VUmc username, you already have a validated login ID (workflow in English and in Dutch: below)

Explanation on the latest changes in Hora Finita: