PhD supervisor? In this course you develop the skills to supervise PhD candidates in a competent and conscientious way

Superb supervision - mentoring your PhD candidate

To support researchers with responsible supervision, there is a training that combines personal development and communication skills with practical tools contributing to conducting research in a competent and conscientious way. We integrate key soft skills for supervisors such as listening, giving feedback and coaching with critical understanding of research integrity dilemmas. We highlight tools that enable responsible conduct of research with the recurring question: How will this help your PhD candidate become a responsible researcher? Also, we zoom in on how you can become a responsible role model for PhD candidates.

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Golden Rules for PhD Supervision

How to practice excellent supervision? This concise and practical document with Golden Rules for PhD Supervision (addressing the positions of both supervisors and PhD candidates) was drafted by Leiden University and wholeheartedly agreed upon by the Amsterdam UMC Doctoral School: