To do:

From 20 January 2023 on, all Amsterdam UMC PhD Candidates need to register themselves at the Amsterdam UMC Doctoral School

Note: Before you start registering, be aware we ask you to fill in your email address and to upload both your master degree and the PhD trajectory Confirmation form (see Downloads below)! Check for more information the webpages 'Request for admission', if you are an AMC/UvA or a VUmc/VU PhD candidate

Note for VUmc PhD candidates: Did you already have an account in Hora Finita on 20 January 2023? In that case it is not necessary to register at the Amsterdam UMC Doctoral School. The most important data has automatically been transferred to the central Doctoral School registration system

Click on the items at the top bar in the registration form, If you would like to see which details you need to fill in

Please register here

Your full information will be shared with the research institute(s) that you will indicate in this registration and the Amsterdam UMC Doctoral School for administration purposes only

Your name and email address will be shared with ASAP (PhD student association), so that you can remain informed about their social events and workshops. If you do not wish to receive this information, you can unsubscribe from their mailing list, upon receiving their first email

You will automatically receive the Doctoral School newsletters as well

Your personal data will only be requested in the context of your PhD trajectory. Read our Privacy Statement

Necessary documents:

To complete your registration successfully, we ask you to upload the following documents at the end of this form:

  • A copy of your master degree
  • The fully signed PhD trajectory confirmation form:

Note: In exceptional cases students can enter the PhD program while they haven't obtained their Master's diploma yet (pre-PhD). Before registering with the Doctoral School, make sure to read the page about the Pre-PhD procedure.


Pay attention! If you close your browser while filling in the web form or click 'back' in the browser, your entered data will not be saved. So be aware it is also mandatory to fill in your emailaddress!

Note for VUmc/VU PhD Candidates:

  • Once registered with the Doctoral School the research institute‚Äôs Hora Finita key user is automatically informed and will register you in Hora Finita. Read more about Hora Finita here.
  • Once you are registered in Hora Finita you have to fill in your information here as well. This is mandatory to complete the registration at the VU University and get admitted to the PhD trajectory
  • We are aware of the double entry and effort you have to make. Unfortunately it is not possible to solve this now. We are actively working on a future solution to avoid this and make a connection between the registration of the Doctoral School and Hora Finita
  • Check the VU website for more information about Hora Finita

Note: if you are an IOO PhD Candidate, choose in the online registration form for:

  • APH, as research institute and
  • Staff Support Services Departments, as the Amsterdam UMC department

Introductory meeting
The Amsterdam Doctoral School in coordination with ASAP, the PhD Candidate Association, holds introductory meetings for new PhD candidates. During these meetings, PhD candidates get an introduction to both the Doctoral School and ASAP, including a brief overview of their activities and services. Doctoral School staff are also on hand to get acquainted and answer your questions.

Newly registered PhD candidates are invited to these online introductory meetings by email. The meetings take place monthly (every first Thursday of the month) from 16.00 to 16.45, and new PhD candidates are welcome to attend a meeting that suits their schedule. Attendance is free of charge. Supervisors are also welcome and may attend without a formal invitation.

For August and January no meetings are scheduled

Note: If you have not received a formal invitation and you would still like to attend one of these meetings, please send us an email indicating your preferred date (month).