Theme Neuroscience
Target audience Neuroscientists
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We are happy to invite you to the SILS CNS Research Day 2023 on the 26thof May. On this day you will learn about the neuroscience conducted at SILS, but you will also be inspired by speakers from other renowned institutes in Europe.

Lunch (with poster session) and drinks afterwards are included.

External speakers:

Prof. Kate Jeffery– University of Glasgow

Her research focuses on the ‘cognitive map’, which is formed by the hippocampus and associated structures and underlies our sense of direction and sense of place.

Dr. Tomás Ryan– Trinity College Dublin

He aims to understand how memories are encoded, stored, and retrieved in the brain. Specifically, his lab investigates the role of memory engram cells in this.

Dr. Marie Carlén– Karolinska Institutet (Stockholm)

Her laboratory investigates cellular and circuit underpinning of cognition, with a focus on the prefrontal cortex.

Dr. Nicolas Charlet Berguerand– IGBMC (Strasbourg)

His group studies how expanded repeats located in the ‘non-coding’ parts of the genome lead to human genetic diseases. Notably, he is interested in Myotonic Dystrophy.

Date and Location

Time From 09:00 to 17:00
Start date Friday, May 26, 2023
Location Science Park 904, Amsterdam

Costs and registration

Register here before the 28th of April


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