This LIKE project aims to develop an innovative and accessible approach to promote sustainable healthy physical activity, sedentary behavior, eating and sleeping habits on the transition period from ten to teenager.

The five-year Lifestyle Innovations based on youth’s Knowledge and Experience programme (2018-2022) is implemented in collaboration with the Amsterdam Healthy Weight Programme (AHWP) in three urban districts in Amsterdam-East with an overrepresentation of lower socio-economic and ethnic minority groups.

We develop, implement and evaluate innovative interventions at the level of family, school, neighbourhood and city, as an integrated program. Children aged 10-14 years old and key stakeholders will, as co-creators, actively participate in all phases.

Applying a system lens, we first obtain a dynamic picture of the pre-existing systems that shape adolescents’ behavior. The subsequent action program development is adaptive, including different types of actions, such as quick actions focusing on system elements (evaluating, adapting and possibly catalysing further action) and potentially disruptive actions focusing on system goals and/or paradigm change.

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