The AII Collaboration Grant has the goal to stimulate new collaborations between research groups of at least 2 locations (AMC, VUmc, GGD, Sanquin, Reade).

Laureates AII Collaboration grant 2020

Nina van Sorge (MMI/ AMC) et al.

This is the start of a new collaboration between experts in microbiology (van Sorge), tissue engineering (Gibbs, MCBI/ VUmc) and mucosal immunology (Mebius, MCBI/ VUmc) with the aim to provide insight into the barrier-specific immune responses against the Gram-positive bacterial pathogen.

Coen Kuijl (MMI/ Vumc) et al.

This collaboration was instigated after being jointly inspired by discussions with Dr. Jeffrey Buter (Stratingh Institute for Chemistry/ UG) and Drs. Nicole van der Wel (Electron Microscopy Centre Amsterdam/ AMC), who share a research interest in the mechanisms and implications of phagosomal escape of Mycobacteria and the approaches by which we study this phenomenon provide a clear potential for synergy. The goal of this grant proposal is to develop the technique: Mycobacterial Coating with Trehalose-Associated Proteins.

Joke den Haan (MCBI/ Vumc) et al.

This collaboration combines the expertise of two very different research groups to enable a completely new research line focused on the role of platelet activation on CD8+ T cell priming. For this the know-how of platelet activation and its role in innate immunity of the van der Poll/van ‘t Veer lab (CEMM/ AMC) is joined with the experience in CD8+ T cell priming by antigen presenting cells of the den Haan lab.

Mike Nurmohamed (Reade Rheumatology) et al.

This will mark a new collaboration between the Depts of Gastroenterology at AMC and VUMC and Reade Rheumatology (Nurmohamed) to extend their observations to rospective response prediction in rheumatic diseases and to perform an epigenome-wide association study (EWAS) using the Illumina EPIC BeadChip methylation array on responders and non-responders to the aforementioned biologicals in rheumatic diseases.