Mission and vision

The Amsterdam UMC Institute for Immunology and Infectious diseases (AI&I) is dedicated to unravel the complexities of the immune system in disease as well as healthy state and infectious diseases.

Mission: Our mission is to foster groundbreaking research, stimulate innovation, and translate discoveries into tangible benefits for human health. We do so by empowering and leveraging the specific strengths of our two scientific programs, Immunology and Infectious diseases, while also actively fostering synergy between these programs and connecting with our strategic partners and other institutes.

Vision: Our vision is of a world where science transcends boundaries, where infectious diseases no longer pose insurmountable challenges, and where in-depth immunological insights in inflammatory processes, autoimmune diseases and cancer lead to new horizons via novel clinical interventions.

Directors of AI&I

Board members Immunology

Theme leaders Immunology program

Topic leaders Immunology program

  • Cancer Immunology: Joke den Haan, Tanja de Gruijl and Idris Bahce

  • Autoimmunity and Inflammatory diseases: GertJan Wolbink and Lisa van Baarsen
  • Gastrointestinal Immunology: Gert Bouma and Anje te Velde 
  • Cardiovascular Immunology: Frances de Man, Jaap van Buul and Jeffrey Kroon 
  • Neuro-immunology: Gijs Kooij, Filip Eftimov and Wouter de Jonge  
  • Allergies: Hetty Bontkes and Tim van der Houwen 
  • Immunodeficiencies: Taco Kuijpers and Godelieve de Bree 

Board members Infectious diseases

Theme leaders Infection diseases program

Topic leaders Infection diseases program

  • Sepsis & complex bacterial infections : Tom van der Poll, Kim Sigaloff and Bas Haak  
  • Respiratory infections: Colin Russell, Matthijs Welkers and Josje Altenburg 
  • Neurological infections: Matthijs Brouwer, Katja Wolthers and Martijn van der
  • Vector-borne & Tropical infections: Martin Grobusch, Paula Ristow and Henk Schallig   
  • HIV, viral hepatitis & STI’s: Rogier Sanders, Godelieve de Bree and Marc van der Valk  
  • Antimicrobial resistance: Jan Prins, Sacha Kuil and Alex Speer
  • Post-acute infection syndromes: Michele van Vugt, Jos Bosch and Steven Chamuleau

Support staff of AI&I

Yvonne Duiker

Tine Sibbing

Judith Lubbers - Glim

Esmée Vesseur

AI&I Business Development team

Dilek Yusuf

Pieter Slijkerman

Wim Meijberg

Committees of AI&I

Annual Meeting & Seminars Committee
Prof.dr. Derk Amsen
Committee members: Prof. dr. Tanja de Gruijl, Dr. Janke Schinkel, Dr. Henk Schallig and Brenda Raud

PR & Public Outreach Committee
Chair: t.b.a.
Committee members: Dr. Lotte de Winde, Dr. Hessel Peters-Sengers and Esmée Vesseur

Core Facilities Committee
Chair: Dr. Marit van Gils
Committee members: Dr. Adithya Sridhar, Dr. Alex de Vos; Dr. Febe van Maldegem, Dr. Jasper Koning and Dr. Lisa van Baarsen

Valorization Committee
Chair: Prof. dr. Conny van der Laken
Committee members: Prof. dr. Rosalie Luiten, Dilek Yusuf and Dr. Gijs Kooij

Collaboration & Synergy Committee
Chairs: t.b.a.
Committee members: Dr. Vanessa Harris, Dr. Janneke Heijne, Dr. Sabine Hermans, Dr. Jan van den Bossche, Dr. Jeroen den Dunnen and Prof. dr. Yvette van Kooyk

Educational Programs, Courses & Talent Development Committee
Chair: Dr. Bianca Blom
Committee members: Dr. Juan Garcia Vallejo, Tessa van Horrik MSc, Dr. Yvonne Pannekoek, Dr. Nicole van der Wel, Dr. Eddy Wierenga, Dr. Rieneke van der Ven, Dr. Niekie Spoorenberg and Dr. Marleen van de Sande

Grants & Stipends Committee
Chair: t.b.a.
Committee members: Dr. Elena Rampanelli, Dr. Joke den Haan, Dr. Marten Hoeksema, Dr. Lia van der Hoek, Dr. Kees van 't Veer and Dr. Lieuwe Bos

Postdoc committee
Commitee members: Dr. Alsya Affandi, Dr. Merijn Bijlsma, Dr. Melissa van Gool, Dr. Kwinten Sliepen, Dr. Myrthe van Delft and Dr. Fleur Peters

PhD student committee
Committee members:
Laura Fernandez, Anita Lygeroudi, Rianne van der Burgt and Merve Kocyigit

Technician committee
Committee members:
Nienke Haverkate MSc, Tanja Kaptein MSc, Laura Kruijssen MSc, BEng Katarina Olesek, BEng Kim Schipper and BEng Sander Spiekstra

Facts & Figures of AI&I