Amsterdam UMC yearly awards a fellowship to an outstanding mid-career researcher, giving him/her the opportunity to consolidate a research line in Amsterdam UMC.

Dr. Febe van Maldegem currently works as senior postdoc researcher in the Francis Crick Institute in London, an institute conducting world-class discovery research to understand life and benefit human health. She has extensive experience in using the innovative Hyperion Imaging System to monitor the immune responses to cancer.

The Hyperion Imaging System is based on the HeliosTM mass cytometry platform. This high-dimensional imaging platform uses large panels of 30-40 mass-tagged antibodies to visualize cells, activation markers and structural features in complex tissues such as the tumor microenvironment.

The Hyperion was recently acquired with joint funding from the Cancer Center Amsterdam, the Amsterdam Institute for Infection and Immunity, and the department of Molecular Cell Biology and Immunology (location VUmc). The latter will also be serving as host for dr. Van Maldegem's research group that will focus on studying the impact of treatments on immune evasive mechanisms in lung cancer, aiming to optimise (immuno)therapeutic combinations.