Five AII researchers in Cancer Immunology reveived a KWF grant. The researchers are Dr. Adriaan Bins, Prof.dr. Tuna Mutis, Dr. Derk Amsen, Dr. Niels Heemskerk and Dr. Judy van Beijnum.
  • Dr. Adriaan Bins received € 480.958,60 for his research project: eCRIMI: a safety and quality of life study of chemoradiotherapy, in combination with immunotherapy in patients with localized bladder cancer.
  • Prof.dr. Tuna Mutis reveived € 670.563,00 for his research project: Development of an effective and safe treatment of Acute Myeloid Leukemia with dual-Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) -carrying Killer T cells
  • Dr. Derk Amsen received € 754.680,00 for his research project: How Notch helps make effective cytotoxic T cells against cancer.
  • Dr. Niels Heemskerk (Young Investigators Grant) reveived € 539.594,00 for his research project: Antibody therapy and blood vessel inhibitors merge into a more powerful anti-cancer drug!
  • Dr. Judy van Beijnum (Unique High Risk Projects) received € 166.664,00 for her research project: iCARe - Immune Targeting of the Tumor Vasculature with CAR-T Cells