At our Amsterdam Institute for Infection and Immunity Annual Symposium on 24 June, it was announced that Kornel Golebski and Kwinten Sliepen have been awarded the 2021 Postdoc Grant of AII.

For this call we received 15 high quality proposals. Each proposal was reviewed by 9 members of our grant committee and 8 candidates were invited for interview to elaborate their research proposal by presenting a pitch. The following 2 proposals were honoured:

Dr. K. (Kornel) Golebski, Respiratory Medicine, AMC.

Title research proposal:
Understanding the role of unconventional inflammatory ILC2s in pathologies of the airways.

Dr. K.H.E.W.J. (Kwinten) Sliepen, Medical Microbiology, AMC.

Title research proposal:
Membrane-bound E1E2 as template for hepatitis C virus vaccine design .