VIVA400 offers a unique stage to 400 successful women every year. This year, Mette Hazenberg, is nominated in the category Care & Education.

Mette is a haematological specialist and treats patients with leukemia by means of stem cell transplantation. Through Mette's empathetic approach, she helps patients through this phase as well as possible. She also conducts high-quality and innovative scientific research in which a better understanding of the immunological complications that occur during stem cell transplants is central. She is also developing new immunotherapies to combat leukemia.


For the thirteenth time VIVA400 gives recognition to successful women and hope to inspire all women in the Netherlands with 400 role models. For this, women nominated themselves or someone else in the categories Business & creation, Care & education, Tech & innovation and Sport & spirit. The list of lists is now available and you can vote for your favorite VIVA400 woman. Based on the number of votes and an expert jury, it becomes clear who wins the famous VIVA400 award.

CARE & EDUCATION Caregivers in the broadest sense of the word. Whether in healthcare, education, outpatient aid, development aid, household help, a life-saving operation or research into new medicines: the motivation of these women is clear; helping people.

Vote for Mette Hazenberg (or your own favorite) in the category Care & education. You can vote until December 1, 2020.