The 'ZonMw Open Competition' is specifically intended for innovative and groundbreaking research combinations of two or more research groups.

Criteria for participation in this Open Competition are that the collaboration is innovative and must lead to groundbreaking science in the field of fundamental research into health. In total, sixteen research teams will receive up to 750,000 euros each from the programme this year. Two of these teams involve a researcher from the Amsterdam Institute for Infection and Immunity:

Dr. Klaas van Gisbergen, together with prof. Thorbald van Hall (LUMC)

Ready for new T: tumour defence with tissue T cells : "Cancer is made up of more than tumour cells but is also permeated by normal cells of the body, such as immune cells. Immune therapy activates immune cells that then inhibit tumour growth. In this project, we will investigate the role of new immune cells: tissue T cells."

Prof. Wilbert Bitter, together with prof. Dirk Slotboom (UMCG)

Peeking through the cell wall of the tuberculosis bacterium: "The tuberculosis bacterium is remarkably resistant to antibiotics because of its reinforced cell wall. We are going to unravel how this cell wall works to maintain the defence and at the same time transport essential nutrients. We will use this knowledge to develop new antibiotics."