Tobacco control and smoking behaviour

Focus of research

I conduct research in the field of tobacco control. I am interested in understanding how policies on the national, local, and organisational level can prevent smoking initiation and encourage smoking cessation. The projects that I lead use quantitative and qualitative methods to add to this understanding. A central question in all projects is how policies may help in reducing socioeconomic inequalities in smoking, as smoking inequalities are a driving force of health inqualities.

After completing a Masters in Health Sciences in 2011 I started a PhD project in 2012 on smoking inequalities and tobacco control policies in Europe. In June 2016 I defended my PhD thesis and I have worked as a postdoc researcher in Amsterdam (AMC) and London (UCL), to further study the effects of tobacco control policies. I'm currently an Assistant Professor at the Amsterdam UMC's Department of Public and Occupational Health and the internship coordinator for the Master Health Sciences of the VU University, Amsterdam.

All my publications are available at https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Mirte_Kuipers
E-mail: m.a.kuipers@amsterdamumc.nl, Twitter: @Mirte_Kuipers