Amsterdam UMC provides today’s patients with the best possible (sometimes rare) care, while striving to improve treatments for the patients of tomorrow. Improvements are only achievable when we work together. Our professionals are committed to this goal, each from their own discipline. Top professionals are often also top teamplayers. Career and job opportunities for professionals who want to break grounds can be found here Vacancies Amsterdam UMC

Support innovative research and provide the best possible care

As academic medical center, we have state-of-the-art research and treatment facilities in addition to unique expertise. Our facilities include everything necessary to support innovative research and to provide the best possible care for patients.

Together we stand stronger

Together with colleagues from other medical centers, we aim to ensure that every patient is cared for by a tailored multi-disciplinary team of medical professionals whose insights are available regardless of the patient’s location. Importantly, patients also play a crucial part: the patients that participate in research today help develop opportunities for the patients of tomorrow.

Different experts

Patients within Amsterdam UMC receive support and care from a wide range of professionals, from nurses and doctors to IT and medical staff. Required experts within a team are different. All roles within a team are important, also the ones that are less visible. For example, all disciplines in care benefit from the technological knowledge and expertise of statisticians, data scientists, and IT infrastructure specialists. The efforts of technicians and biobank staff ensure that tissue samples from patients are catalogued properly for instance. Offering cutting-edge care would not be possible without the knowledge and skills of nurses. Nurses support patients at critical moments. .

Vacancies and career opportunities within Amsterdam UMC

Professionals push boundaries in different ways. People are important. Not only in the care we provide, but also in our organisation. Want to know how you can contibute? Look at: Vacancies Amsterdam UMC

Part of this text is adapted from the annual review of Amsterdam UMC - Cancer Center Amsterdam titled 'The power of collaboration' and the website Vacancies Amsterdam UMC

photo: Claudia Kamergorodski for Cancer Center Amsterdam