To do:

  • Submit the final version of your manuscript to your supervisor(s) and after approval submit this version in Hora Finita
  • Meanwhile the supervisor composes the doctorate committee (see Committee of Assessment)

          Note: Only after approval of the portfolio, submit the manuscript in Hora Finita.

          Note: In addition to both the VU Amsterdam and University of Amsterdam Doctorate Regulations, the Amsterdam UMC Executive Board has specified additional requirements (by decision 7 July 2021), to harmonize the rules that apply to PhD students preparing a doctorate at either university in Amsterdam:

          1. Additional requirement to the VU Amsterdam Doctorate Regulations (Article 16, Conditions)

            The thesis contains the following:

            • At least four chapters describing original scientific research, in which in three chapters the PhD candidate as the responsible researcher takes responsibility for all elements of the research, which fact will be made visible in their position as first author (including shared first author roles)
            • Of these chapters, at least two have undergone the whole submission cycle, including rebuttals, in peer reviewed journals. Committee members must be informed of the status of these articles by presentation of the publication details or the editorial decision letter
            • The thesis may only include a limited number of manuscripts for which the PhD candidate does not act as first author. In these cases, the substantial contribution of the PhD candidate to the research reported must be evident to the committee members.

            2. Addition to the VU Amsterdam Doctorate Regulations (article 15)

            The thesis contains a portfolio of education (guideline 30 EC).

            Note: Although Hora Finita asks a check for plagiarism, this is not necessary to do, as VU Amsterdam does not have an appropriate progamme available yet.

            Note: For composition of the Doctorate Committee for assessment of the manuscript and workaround, please check 'Committee of Assessment'.

              Note: To avoid the members of the Doctorate Committee to receive an invitation for assessment without a link to the manuscript, it is important to first upload the manuscript and then confirm the proposal of the Doctorate Committee in Hora Finita.

              Necessary documents:

              • Your final manuscript PDF to upload in Hora Finita

              • Format Portfolio (to be added soon)


              Requirements & instructions for the submission of the final manuscript:

              • The content of the manuscript must be final and complete; no changes are allowed after the manuscript has been submitted for examination by the Doctorate Committee. The only exceptions are corrections to the layout and design, typing errors, publishing details, ISBN and acknowledgements
              • The manuscript must be submitted as a PDF:
                Without cover page and acknowledgements; Without the academic title page (this needs to be uploaded in Hora Finita, see Title Page); With summaries in English and/or in Dutch: If the dissertation is written in Dutch, then a summary in Dutch and an English translation of the title and summary of the contents will be appended to the dissertation. If the dissertation is written in English, then an English summary of the contents must be appended to the dissertation (and eventually in Dutch (not mandatory). The content of the summaries in different languages must be identical