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Hora Finita is the digital registration and tracking system for PhD candidates at VU Amsterdam. You must contact the research institute's Hora Finita key-user (see link in 'Downloads' below) to get registered. Provide the key-user with:

  • Your surname and initials, given name, gender, date of birth, email address
  • Whether or not you are an external employee
  • The names, email addresses and titles of your supervisor(s) and co-supervisor(s)
  • The (VUmc) department and research programme where the project is embedded
  • The subject of your research

More information a.o. on how to complete your Hora Finita account and to get admission to the PhD trajectory, you will find on the page PhD Graduation/Request for admission.

Necessary documents:


Introductory meeting
The Amsterdam Doctoral School in coordination with ASAP, the PhD Candidate Association, holds introductory meetings for new PhD candidates. During these meetings, PhD candidates get an introduction to both the Doctoral School and ASAP, including a brief overview of their activities and services. Doctoral School staff are also on hand to get acquainted and answer your questions.

Newly registered PhD candidates are invited to these introductory meetings by email. The meetings are held monthly (every first Thursday of the month) from 16.00-17.00, and new PhD candidates are welcome to attend a meeting that suits their schedule. Attendance is free of charge. Supervisors are also welcome and may attend without a formal invitation.

Note: In August and January there will be no introductory meetings.

Note: If you have not received a formal invitation and you would still like to attend one of these meetings, please send us an email indicating your preferred date (month).

Note: In case you are an excellent student from the faculty of medicine VU Amsterdam, who has been admitted to the MD/PhD programme, mention this in Hora Finita under 'comments/remarks' during your registration (see document in 'Downloads' on the page 'request for exemption').

Note: The Doctoral School is in development. Not all processes are harmonized yet. The services of the Doctoral School will be expanded during the year.