To do:

At the start of your PhD trajectory, you should register at the Doctoral School, after which the Hora Finita key-userof the applicable research institute will create an account for you in Hora Finita. You should have done so within three months after employment

Two steps:

Get registered at the Doctoral School and get an account in Hora Finita

After your registration at the Doctoral School, your full information will be shared with the research institute(s) that you will indicate in this registration and the Amsterdam UMC Doctoral School for administration purposes only. The key-user of the (first) mentioned research institute will create an account for you in Hora Finita , the digital registration and tracking system for PhD candidates at VU Amsterdam

    Complete your Hora Finita account

    Find more information about Hora Finita for example manuals, on the VU Amsterdam website

    When you have entered all your details in Hora Finita, click submit. Now your registration will be continued and the data will be assessed by the various parties involved in your PhD trajectory in the so-called 'train of approval' (see first note below). In this phase you temporarily have no access to Hora Finita because your project will be assessed (see note below, under 'Tips')

    After admission, your trajectory will also be visible in your supervisor's dashboard. From that moment on you can keep track of your activities in your portfolio and upload the corresponding certificates/proofs

    Note: Check the specific requirements to the Doctorate Regulations VU (see 'Downloads' below)

    Note: External PhD candidates have the same rights and obligations as internal PhD candidates. They likewise have to submit their personnel data in Hora Finita, including a Training plan, as soon as they start the PhD trajectory

    External PhD candidates also have to meet the 30 ECTS requirement as otherwise they will not be allowed to take their degree. In case they apply for exemption from education, this must be approved by the Doctorate Board of the relevant research institute

    Note: If you hold a Dutch Master's degree it is sufficient to upload a DUO certificate

    If you hold a foreign Master's degree, the pdf can be uploaded in Hora Finita. It is not necessary to have a foreign Master's degree certified by the Beadle's Office VU. Please note that the diploma is drawn up in NL, FR, DU or ENG. If not, it must have been translated by a sworn translator

    If you do not hold a Dutch or foreign Master's degree you need an exemption (see Request for exemption)


    Files uploaded in Hora Finita will be scanned for viruses. A few moments after uploading the document, this process starts. If a virus is detected, the file will be overwritten with a file, stating that a virus has been detected. The user will receive an email, provided he/she is known to the system and the emailaddress is valid

    Participate in Doctoral School Courses

    After your registration at the Doctoral School has been accepted, this is confirmed to you through an email. From then on, you can participate in Doctoral School courses

    Necessary documents:

    Find more information on Hora Finita on the VU Amsterdam website


    Bear in mind that emails, sent by Hora Finita, might be collected in your spam folder. You can prevent this by adding to your so-called 'safe senders'. Or check your spam folder regularly. If applicable: please alert persons from outside Amsterdam UMC involved with your PhD trajectory to this fact

    Note: The ‘chain of approval’ in Hora Finita: After the necessary data have been added and uploaded in Hora Finita, a message will be sent for approval to consecutively (1) the VUmc Dean’s office, (2) your supervisor, (3) the key-user and (4) the chair of the Research Institute (up to here the order might differ, depending on the research institute), (5) the Dean, (6) the VU Amsterdam Beadle’s Office and (7) the VU Amsterdam Rector Magnificus. Finally, after hís approval, you will receive by email the decision on the admission to the PhD trajectory. From that moment on you are able to work in Hora Finita during your PhD trajectory

    Note: Please be aware to update your email address in Hora Finita, at the moment this changes. For example when you are no longer a VUmc (or Amsterdam UMC) employee. If we don't have a current email address, we won't be able to reach you