To do:

*The dean may grant the ius promovendi to an associate professor (see seperate item on this website: 'Appointing of an Associate Professor as Supervisor') or an expert with doctorate

The rules on the composition of the Doctorate Committee are described in the University of Amsterdam Doctorate Regulations 2020, articles 10 and 11. Check these articles for a full description and conditions

Make appointments on the Doctorate Committee with the candidate (co-)supervisors and the PhD candidate. The Doctorate Committee will be appointed by the Doctorate Board UvA

The PhD candidate, together with the (co-)supervisor(s), fill in, complete and sign a 'Request for admission to the doctoral programme form' - EnglishDutch. For instructions completing the form correctly, see 'Tips' in step 2 (request for admission) in PhD graduation

Composition of the Doctorate Committee:

  • The supervising team consists of a at least two, and a maximum of four members: one or two supervisors and one or two co-supervisors (also see note below)
  • The first and/or second supervisor are affiliated with the UvA
  • Supervisors need to be a professor or another university employee who is in possession of the ius promovendi as supervisor. The dean may grant the ius promovendi to an associate professor (see seperate item on this website)
  • Co-supervisors must be a professor, an associate professor holding a doctorate, or an assistent professor, holding a doctorate and must be affiliated to a university

Necessary documents:


Check the information for PhD candidates in step 2 (Request for Admission) in PhD graduation

The supervisor is responsible for the acceptance of the thesis manuscript as a doctoral thesis. They shall ensure that the thesis meets the general requirements for a doctoral thesis as well as the requirements set out in the Doctoral Regulations (art. 15) and the Supplementary regulations Faculty of Medicine Amsterdam UMC (links below under downloads)

If more than one supervisor has been appointed, they themselves shall decide which of them will assume which responsibilities after hearing the views of the doctoral candidate

Note: According to the UvA Doctorate Regulations article 11.3, the appointment of an 'expert with doctorate' to be a co-supervisor, must be duly substantiated on the reversed side of the form 'Request for admission to the doctoral programme' and approved by the dean. On the basis of this proposal, the dean assesses whether the expert, holding a doctorate, is expected to be able to supervise the PhD candidate in an appropriate manner, as this is not automatically one of his tasks