To do:

Inform the PhD candidate on the following subjects:

1. How to find and register with the Amsterdam UMC Doctoral School. Send the link of this Doctoral School website to the PhD candidate and invite her/him to navigate through the various articles

2. Invite the PhD candidate to register with the Amsterdam UMC Doctoral School

3. Show the PhD candidate where to find information on the specific Research Institute to which the corresponding research project will be embedded

4. Draw attention to the PhD Plan which the PhD candidate needs to fill in (he/she will be invited to do so by email, automatically sent after registration at the Doctoral School), and discuss it together with him/her. The PhD plan will also be discussed in the meeting with the Doctoral School PhD advisor

5. Draw attention to the VU PhD tracking system Hora Finita; more information is to be found on the VU Amsterdam website (scroll down), including explanations on how Hora Finita works, divided into four steps of the PhD trajectory: 'general', 'admission', 'trajectory', 'defence'

Note: this is also important for you as (co)supervisor: A Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) is applicable for Hora Finita. If you have an 'E-number' as username, for safety reasons you will receive an extra email with a login code. So it's important to make sure that your email address in Hora Finita is correct! If you use a VUnet ID or VUmc username, you already have a validated login ID

Necessary documents:

  • Form: Training Plan


Also check the information for PhD Candidates under Step 1 (Starting your PhD) in PhD trajectory

Please refer the PhD candidate to the VU Open Access Policy: