To do:

  1. Find the PhD plan (training and supervision plan) you need to fill in. The primary research institute you are registered with, determines which template you use (see below)
  2. Discuss and complete your PhD Plan with your PhD supervisor(s) and get the document signed by all parties
  3. Note: the personal learning goals are not part of the agreement between the PhD candidate and supervisor(s) and are to be filled in by the PhD candidate alone
  4. Submit the signed documents to and your primary research institute (email address is mentioned in the PhD plan)
  5. You will then receive an email of our registration system with an invitation to schedule an individual meeting with the PhD candidate advisor.
  6. VU/VUmc PhD candidates should get approval of the Training Plan (addendum of the PhD plan) by the research institute. Please turn to the applicable key user of the research institute

Necessary documents:

The primary research intitute you are registered with, determines which template you use. Both AMC and VUmc PhD candidates use the PhD Plan (formerly known as Training&Supervision Plan) templates of the research institute. You can find it via the links below:

  1. Amsterdam Cardiovascular Sciences
  2. Amsterdam Gastroenterology and Endocrinology
  3. Amsterdam Institute for Infection and Immunity
  4. Amsterdam Movement Sciences
  5. Amsterdam Neuroscience*
  6. Amsterdam Public Health
  7. Amsterdam Reproduction and Development
  8. Cancer Center Amsterdam/OOA

* Find the Amsterdam Neuroscience Training Plan here:

Note: In case you are employed at Instituut voor onderwijs en opleiden (IOO; Institute for Education and Training), find the IOO PhD Plan here:

Note: In case you are employed at Sanquin, NKI/AvL or another institution that has an own procedure, before filling in the Doctoral School PhD plan and the Doctoral School central registration form, please first contact the CCA contact person.

Note: After approval of the Training Plan by the research institute, VUmc/VU PhD Candidates need to upload this in Hora Finita. You can choose to upload the total PhD Plan document, or just the addendum part with the intended trainings, courses and activities to be done. Discuss this with your supervisor and the key-user. Only after you have been admitted to the PhD trajectory, you have access to the dashboard in Hora Finita and it is possible to fill in (the components of) your portfolio and upload certificates/proofs of attendance

Note: If you do research in Epidemiology, Experimental Pathobiology, Immunology, Medical Physiology, Medical Microbiology, Parasitology, Nutritional Sciences, it might be interesting for you to know that the Foundation for Biomedical Scientific Research Training (“SMBWO”) is an organization that certifies postdoctoral research training of biomedical scientific investigators in the Netherlands. Please check the SMBWO website for more information


Not sure how to deal with the PhD learning goals? You might want to use the PhD Competence Model

Note: Use the PhD Competence model outside of the Central Digital Workplace (CDW)