To do:

According to the Doctorate Regulations VU Amsterdam it is compulsory to obtain 30 ECTS during your PhD trajectory with the intention of clearly and prominently demonstrating the results of the doctoral training programme

At the start of your PhD trajectory you have been registered in Hora Finita and after you have been admitted to the PhD trajectory you have access to the dashboard in Hora Finita. Here you must fill in your portfolio, including all your education activities and the corresponding proofs of attendance/certificates

Our advice is to do this regularly, to avoid that at the end of your trajectory it will take more time and effort to gather all necessary information. As soon as you have met the appointments according to the Training Plan, request approval of the portfolio from the PhD Committee of your research institute via Hora Finita

Necessary documents:

Your approved training plan


Note 1: Deviations from your original Training Plan in your portfolio are allowed, as long as you still meet the VU/VUmc 'specific requirements' (see also 'Training and Supervision Plan' and download below) and those of the research institutes. When in doubt, please check this with the PhD Committee of your research institute. It is crucial that progress in your training and education is assessed regularly, or at least every year by you and your supervisor

Note 2: Check the VU/VUmc specific requirements to the Doctorate Regulations VU Amsterdam (document below)

Note 3: Information on courses you can find elsewhere on this Doctoral School website. Also check the website of your Research Institute (tab 'education'), and the VU Amsterdam website

Note 4: You can only upload your manuscript for assessment, after your portfolio has been approved by the research institute PhD Committee