To do:

Build a portfolio (advice 30 ECTS) with the intention of clearly and prominently demonstrating the results of the doctoral training programme


All PhD candidates who are aligned with the Cancer Center Amsterdam must complete 30 ECTS in agreement with the OOA Training Plan. Also check the Doctoral School webpage Training and supervision

Necessary documents:

  • Template portfolio (see below)


One ECTS point stands for 28 (study) hours. You can obtain credits by doing courses , trainings or through activities. The number of study hours (and therefore ECTS points) is determined in advance by the training institute


The portfolio often consists of courses and practical training aimed at acquiring specific academic skills, general scientific skills or transferable skills. It may also include other activities such as attending conferences, seminars and master classes, participation in retreats and journal clubs, teaching, and publications. Courses can be taken at the Amsterdam UMC Doctoral School or elsewhere. Publications may, but do not need to be related to the PhD project

Other activities may be included in the PhD Portfolio, to a maximum of 4 ECTS points per year. For each activity, the PhD candidate indicates the year and (with the exception of the parameters of esteem and publications) the workload of the activity. The workload is expressed in hours or ECTS credits. The PhD Plan provided by the Amsterdam UMC Doctoral School can be used as a basis for the PhD Portfolio. Inclusion of a short CV of the PhD candidate in the PhD thesis is advisable. There is no predefined format

There is no formal requirement for a minimum number of courses, hours or ECTS points for AMC PhD candidates. The Amsterdam UMC Doctoral School recommends 30 ECTS points for PhD training and teaching during the four-year fulltime PhD project. This corresponds to the Amsterdam UMC Supplementary Regulations to the Doctorate Regulations, in which is stated that the thesis needs to contain a portfolio of education, with 30 ECTS points

PhD candidates and their supervisors share responsibility for the correctness of the PhD Portfolio in the thesis; in any case the PhD supervisor should approve the PhD Portfolio. The AMC Doctoral School is not responsible for the content of the PhD Portfolio. PhD candidates are responsible for their own CV. All PhD candidates have an individual PhD Portfolio. The CV and PhD Portfolio must be included on the final pages of the PhD thesis, and might be integrated. Please follow the PhD Portfolio format. You may choose your own lay-out, or download the PhD Portfolio template below