The mission of the Amsterdam institute for Infection and Immunity (AII) is to develop knowledge and expertise to prevent, diagnose or treat infectious diseases, inflammatory diseases and cancer.

Mission and vision

Supporting the system, curing the body

An unbalanced immune system is the basis for many infections, inflammatory diseases and also cancer. Due to global threats such as emerging infectious pathogens and increased antibiotic resistance, the need for new vaccination strategies and antimicrobial drugs is urgent. In addition, there is an unmet potential and need for novel innovative immune therapies and vaccination strategies to treat cancer.

Chronic inflammatory diseases have increased over the years in most developed countries and not only severely reduce quality of life but are a high burden on the health care systems. The need to focus and combine research activities in the research programs inflammatory diseases, infectious diseases and cancer immununology is crucial in order to identify common and novel immune correlates and pathways to work towards innovative treatment regimens.

Directors of AII

Program Leaders Inflammatory diseases

Program Leaders Cancer immunology

Idris Badce

Fons v. d. Eertwegh

Program Leaders Infection diseases

Support staff of AII

Yvonne Duiker

Tine Sibbing

Committees of AII

Meetings & seminars

Chair: Derk Amsen

Tanja de Gruijl
Irene van der Haar Avila
Vanessa Harris

PR & public outreach

Chair: Rosalie Luiten

Derk Amsen Marjolein van Egmond
Maria Prins
Stefanie Busold

Reaseach policy

Chair: Colin Russell

Joppe Hovius
Reina Mebius
Eric Eldering


Chair: Conny van der Laken

Joppe Hovius
Rosalie Luiten
Myrddin Verheij

Talent policy

Chairs: Sander Tas & Marjolein van Egmond

Marc Hilhorst
Colin Russell
Jan van den Bossche
Robbert Spaapen
Rieneke van de Ven
Marieke Koelink


Chairs: Bianca Blom & Wilbert Bitter

Yvonne Pannekoek
Eddy Wierenga
Juan Garcia Vallejo
Aram de Haas


Marceline Tutu- van Furth & Reina Mebius

Maarten F Schim van der Loeff
Kees van ’t Veer
Klaas van Gisbergen
Jeroen den Dunnen
Lisa van Baarsen
Thomas Rustemeyer
Mette Hazenberg
Adriaan Bins
Joke den Haan
Maria Themeli
Louis Ates

Postdoc committee

Marta Bermejo-Jambrina
Fleur Peters
Kornel Golebski
Kwinten Sliepen

PhD committee

Irene van der Haar Avila
Stefanie Busold
Florencia Morgana
Myrddin Verheij
Aram de Haas
Celine Sewnath