PERMEABLE is a research project on predictors of response to novel treatments for children and young adults with severe asthma and allergy. The PERMEABLE consortium has developed a video on their research project: Personalized Medicine Approach for asthma and allergy Biologicals Selection. The video is part of the video challenge of ERA PerMed.

All research projects funded in the ERA PerMed Joint Transnational Call 2018 were eligible to submit a video. The PERMEABLE video is developed by junior researchers of the consortium and can be watched here:

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Like the video so PERMEABLE has a chance win! This still is a challenge. The winning video will be presented in the final symposium of ERA PerMed, which is planned to take place in Cluj-Napoca in February 2023. The creators of the video will be given the stage to talk about their research, present the video and answer questions.

The videos will be evaluated by the public and the ERA PerMed 2018 CSC. The winning video will be chosen trough voting of the public (‘likes’ on YouTube) and voting by the CSC committee. You have until November 17, 2022 to watch and like the video. Thumbs up!

More information on ERA PerMed and the challenge can be found here.

The PERMEABLE consortium brings together academic, non-academic partners and SME from 4 European countries: Netherlands, Germany, Slovenia and Sweden. The project is coordinated by the Amsterdam UMC, location AMC.