AMS has PhD candidate members from all participating partners. (Amstserdam UMC, both locations, ACTA and VU University. The PhD candidates' research projects contribute and represent a considerable part of the institute's research output.

PhD committee

There is an an active AMS PhD committee, with members from both locations of Amsterdam UMC and VU University. The committee organizes educational and social events for AMS PhD candidates at least twice a year. One of the members of the PhD committee is also a PhD candidate representative in the Management Team (MT) of the institute. In addition, each of the five AMS research programmes has PhD board members that are active members of the research programmes boards. 

Click for a list of the current PhD committee members, or visit the research programs pages to see the PhD members of the research program boards.

You can get in touch with the committee via mail on AMS PhD committee.

AMS activites for PhD candidates

  • Newly started PhD candidates are introduced to the institute and fellow PhD candidates;
  • Twice-yearly AMS PhD meetings with poster presentations; competitions and excellent networking opportunities;
  • Poster competition during the AMS Annual Meeting;
  • The 'AMS Outstanding paper award', awarded at the AMS Annual Meeting;
  • PhD and MA student talent grants to visit a research lab of choice;
  • When finishing up as a PhD, AMS offers €250 as a contribution toward the printing costs, if the candidate complies with the criteria.

Scientific meetings

In addition to the twice-yearly meetings especially for PhD candidates, all AMS researchers are welcome to join the various scientific meetings and seminars. Note that all AMS PhD candidates are expected to take part in the activities organized by the institute.

  • AMS Annual Meeting;
  • AMS Research program meetings;
  • Science Transmission Meetings (monthly), organized by and for PhD candidates, with relevant topics especially for peers;
  • Exiting and inspiring FGB/FGB Colloquia (monthly);
  • VUmc SED (Science Exchange Day) (annually);
  • Other seminars, lectures, and events of interest announced on the website and via the newsletters.
Person aiming for a PhD

PhD training and education

Amsterdam Movement Sciences has PhD candidate members from various department within the participating partners Amsterdam UMC, locations AMC and VUmc, ACTA, as well as the VU faculties FGB and Science. The PhD candidates graduate at the faculty where they are registered as PhD candidates. The formal procedures and requirements differ slightly according to the rules of the various partners.

All AMC PhD candidates are expected to take part in the activities organized by AMS research institute.

AMC PhD candidates

AMC PhD candidates have to register with the AMS graduate school at the start of their PhD track. The AMC graduate school offers information about registration, training courses, and supervision for PhD candidates at location AMC.

Building a portfolio is compulsory within the AMC PhD track, and a range of 20 – 30 ECTS is recommended.

The UvA Doctorate regulations describe the requirements to complete your PhD research and obtain the UvA doctor degree.

VUmc PhD candidates

VUmc PHD candidates have to register their trajectory with AMS for inclusion in the Hora Finta (HF) PhD registration system. For the initial registration, PhD candidates should send a mail to AMS detailing:

  • Full Name (as in passport);
  • Starting and expected termination date;
  • (Working) Title of the project;
  • Full names of supervisor(s), academic titles, affiliation and mail address;
  • Full names of co-supervisor(s), academic titles, affiliation and mail address .

The candidates will be registered in HF, and as part of the PhD registration, will have to fill in a training plan (see below), detailing the required (minimum) 30 ECTS of training and a Work plan (see below). Completed forms should be uploaded as part of the Hora Finita registration procedure. The submitted training plan should comply with the requirements set out in the AMS implementation plan (see below).

VUmc PHD candidates can take relevant master courses at VU university, e.g. courses that are part of the curriculum of the Research MA-track: Human Movement Sciences: Sport, Exercise and Health, or other relevant master tracks. We urge PhD candidates to make use of this opportunity to expand their expertise on the Human Movement System.

We expect that VUmc PhD candidates can follow the AMS graduate school courses some time during the first half of 2021. Some AMC graduate school courses are currently open to VUmc PhD candidates, but this is strictly subject to availability. To query the availability, send the course application form course directly to the graduate school.

The training plan will be approved by AMS as part of the HF registration. For more information about the training requirements, consult the implementation plan (above). More information for VUmc PhD candidates can be found on the VUmc PhD portal.

AMS VUmc PhD candidates are free to take the courses they prefer, as long as the compulsory topics are covered, it is discussed in advance with the supervisors and approved in the HF Training Plan. The training plan may, if necessary, be changed during the trajectory. If in doubt, contact AMS.

The doctorate regulations of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam describe the requirements needed to complete your PhD research and obtain the VU doctor/PhD degree at VU Amsterdam.

VU FGB and Faculty of Science PhD candidates

FGB PhD candidates fall under the training requirements of the FGB graduate school. More information about this can be found on the FGB graduate school’s homepage.

PhD candidates at the Faculty of Science have to comply with the training requirements set by the Faculty of Science.

The requirements set by Amsterdam Movement Sciences research institute are covered in the FGB and the faculty of Science regulations, but PhD candidates should note that events organized by the AMS research institute are compulsory to AMS PhD candidates.

The doctorate regulations of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam describe the requirements needed to complete your PhD research and obtain a PhD at VU Amsterdam.

ECTS for AMS and VUmc meetings

VU and VUmc PhD candidates can use the table below to check how many ECTS they get from various AMS and VUmc activities.

The annual AMS research meeting, PhD day, and VUmc SED (Science Exchange Day) give the following credits per meeting:      

    Activity: Participation AMS Research meeting, PhD day and/or VUmc Science Exchange Day # of ECTS
    Participation with abstract, poster, as speaker and visitor (=Plus programme) 1.5 (maximum)
    Participation with abstract, poster and as visitor (=Whole programme) 1.1
    Participation with abstract, poster and as speaker 1.3
    Participation as visitor only (workshops, posters, and oral presentations) 0.2
    Participation with abstract and poster 0.9