Below you can find the various corporate identity items that are available as well as the correct use of the affiliations. At the very bottom there is information about how to get a financial contribtuion towards the thesis printing costs.

Corporate Identity

We have a number of corporate identity items available for public use:

If you need other items, please get in touch via

Affiliation use for Amsterdam Movement Sciences

We kindly ask all members of Amsterdam Movement Sciences research institute and employees of the partner faculties (ACTA, AMC, VUmc, FGB and Science) to use the correct affilitions when publishing or in connection with other public appearences. This will improve our awareness and name recognition in all scientific and societal endeavours. 

All researchers affiliated with Amsterdam Movement Sciences research institute are strongly urged to use the correct affiliation for all publications and other output:

  • ACTA: Department of ....., Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam (ACTA), University of Amsterdam and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Amsterdam Movement Sciences, the Netherlands;
  • Location AMC: Amsterdam UMC, University of Amsterdam, department(s), Amsterdam Movement Sciences, Meibergdreef 9, Amsterdam, Netherlands;
  • Location VUmc: Amsterdam UMC, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, department(s), Amsterdam Movement Sciences, Boelelaan 1117, Amsterdam, Netherlands;
  • VU: FGB (Human Movement Sciences) / Faculty of Sciences (Health Sciences): Department of … , Faculty of …, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Amsterdam Movement Sciences, The Netherlands.

Final note for Amsterdam UMC researchers: If there is not enough room for the whole affiliation, please prioritize: Amsterdam UMC, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam or University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

    Please ensure that the affiliation is implemented as above, as it guarantees that the publications are credited the correct faculty and university, and it simplifes the automatic search for publications.

    Financial contribution for printing costs

    Registered AMS PhD candidates who comply with the rules, can get EUR.250 as a contribution towards the printing costs of the thesis. Note that PhD candidates that are registered with more than one institute may claim the contribution from one research institute only.

    The conditions for this contribution are as follows:

    • the PhD candidate is registered with the institute, receives mails and newsletters;
    • the PhD candidate uses the AMS affiliation on publications according to the requirements (see above for the correct use);
    • the PhD candidate is present at the AMS annual meetings and annual PhD days;
    • the PhD candidate informs the institute of the time and date of dissertation as soon as a date has been set;
    • the PhD candidate sends the institute 1 hard copy and pdf version of the printed thesis;
    • the PhD candidate submits the receipt for the printing costs (pdf) when applying for the contribution;
    • Please download AMS claim for and send it to to apply for the contribution.

      Instructions for use:

      The institute name and affililation should be printed on the INSIDE COVER of the thesis (same page as the ISSN) (see the text below). The logo and text is to be printed at the bottom on the BACK COVER of the thesis. Note that the logo and the text should be printed as one block. You can find the logo and accompanying text below.

      To avoid any misunderstanding, send a pdf of the inside cover and the back cover for approval to PRIOR to printing the thesis. Theses that co not comply with this requirements do not qualify for compensation.

      Text for inside cover: The research in this thesis was embedded in Amsterdam Movement Sciences Research Institute, at the department of xxx, Amsterdam UMC, location xxx / Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam/ University of Amsterdam, Netherlands (use as appropriate).