The AMS research program Rehabilitation & Devleopment has an opening for a keen and dedicated Impact coordinator.


The research institute Amsterdam Movement Sciences (AMS) applies fundamental knowledge of human movement to enhance physical performance and well-being, addressing both illness and health. AMS combines various fields of study and innovative techniques with focus on implementation and use in society. It has partnerships with patients and top athletes, physicians and physiotherapists, industry and health insurance companies, sports coaches and cell biologists; as long as human movement is the focus. AMS is organized in five programs: Sports, Musculoskeletal Health, Tissue Function & Regeneration, Ageing & Vitality, and Rehabilitation & Development. More than 600 scientists affiliated with AMS translate societal issues into research questions, perform the research, and translate research results into practical solutions, with the goal of getting people to move better, move longer and move again.

Knowledge and innovation are spearheads in the ambition of different associations of rehabilitation professionals, such a VRA (Vereniging voor Revalidatie Artsen) and KNGF (Koninklijk Nederlands Genootschap voor Fysiotherapie). As a knowledge and research network, AMS (including its connection to various knowledge centres and network organizations) is ideally situated to give substance to these ambitions. However, there is still a gap between rehabilitation practice and academic science in rehabilitation and development.

The board of the research program Rehabilitation & Development of the research institute Amsterdam Movement Sciences (AMS) is setting up a Rehabilitation Research Network in greater Amsterdam, called RehabNet Amsterdam, with the goal to increase scientific and societal impact of (and with) the field.

The Job Opening

We are looking for an impact coordinator who can further develop RehabNet Amsterdam and support the program and network in making a stronger connection between (clinical) practice and science and with that make more impact.

The goals of RehabNet Amsterdam are to:

  • achieve a more substantial (social and scientific) impact with our expertise and research by linking scientific knowledge to practical questions and - vice versa - linking helpful questions to scientific knowledge;
  • develop a tailor-made knowledge and impact plan, including benchmarks and Key Perfomance Indicators;
  • actively broaden our network of stakeholders from business, sports rehab and healthcare organizations;
  • develop preferred partnerships with stakeholders, implementing and managing them (for example, organizing network and theme meetings, connecting interns to these partners, organizing expert conferences and masterclasses, and actively pursuing and supporting subsidy opportunities with and within the built-up network);
  • promote Physical Rehabilitation and Health (medicine, physiotherapy) as a relevant field to partners (in the greater Amsterdam area) for scientific research, acquiring funding, other collaboration, and valorisation;
  • create a sense of belonging with the program for AMS members and partners, to create cohesion and mutual benefit;
  • strengthen the connection among stakeholders in the field of rehabilitation (medicine, physiotherapy), i.e. academic, clinical, professional practice, rehabilitation centers, physiotherapy practices, industry, community, end-users / patients, gait laboratories, local authorities;
  • valorise knowledge and skills in rehabilitation (medicine, physiotherapy) and promote the value of AMS towards academic and rehabilitation centers, industry, allied health professionals, other partners, and society as a whole;
  • strengthen the conditions for research funding by creating a network/consortium;
  • professionalize and streamline education in the field of rehabilitation (medicine, physiotherapy) and associated fields (e.g,. biomechanics, gait analysis, physical activity, exercise physiology, lifestyle, musculoskeletal health).

We are offering a paid position for a motivated and enthusiastic impact coordinator for the network, for 2-3 days per week, for 2 years, with possible option for extension (depending on funding availability).

Candidate's Profile

  • Strong affinity with both the science and the practice of rehabilitation (medicine), expressed in either:

    • a completed Master or PhD in human movement sciences, health sciences, medicine or related field;
    • a demonstrable work experience in rehabilitation, physical therapy or sport-healthcare (science), preferably for multiple stakeholders (academic or clinical institutions, companies, unions or associations);
    • work experience with (para)medical professionals who work with and in the realm of rehabilitation (medicine) and/or physiotherapy.
  • Experience in (rehabilitation) science or practice, preferably at the intersection of rehabilitation, physiotherapy and health.
  • Experience with or a clear interest in organizing, managing, stimulating and connecting with partners.
  • Proficient in the Dutch language preferably (not a prerequisite).

Competencies: teamplayer, independent, proactive, representative, creative and positively energetic with easy communication skills.

The tasks for the impact coordinator will be to (but not limited to):

  • Further develop and maintain the network(s), impact plan and involve partners (academic, applied health, education, industry, other) in all possible ways;
  • Organize meetings and symposia (together with topic or disease experts)
  • Support subsidy opportunities with and within the networks;
  • Setup a database of research projects and student internships for the AMS program;
  • Help streamline education in rehabilitation medicine in the greater Amsterdam region;
  • Develop knowledge and tools to support implementation of scientific knowledge;
  • Contribute to and manage the website for the network(s);
  • Setup and manage newsletters, interview series and other initiatives with researchers and other partners.

The impact coordinator will communicate directly with the program board and impact director of Amsterdam Institute of Sport Sciences (AISS).

Salary will commensurate with current position (staff, lab, post-doc or PhD level), with maximum salary scale 11 UMC-CAO. Probation is 3 months. The impact coordinator may be appointed at one of the AMS institutions.

Applications (motivation and CV) can be sent to:
Deadline for applications: July 20, 2024

For info, please contact dr. Erwin van Wegen ( or dr. Karin Gerrits ( of the program board Rehabilitation & Development