Virtual Reality (VR) batting environment (David Mann)

Skilled athletes in fast-ball sports such as baseball use unique eye and head movements when hitting, yet these skills are difficult to acquire. We have developed a virtual reality environment that tests the eye and head movements of baseballers when hitting, and we use our research experience to create individualised training programs to improve performance. This Take-Off project will test the feasibility of our plan to scale our virtual environment to a broader group of consumers. We will establish technical feasibility and consumer demand for a solution that improves player performance by using algorithms that automatically implement tailored training programs.

Madglove (John van der Kamp)

Madglove is an orthotic glove for person-centred in-clinic and at-home rehabilitation that can greatly improve hand dexterity in patients with spasticity. Madglove proposes to offer increased independence in daily life by exploiting evidence-based implicit learning methods, ultimately aiming for patients to function without the glove. In this feasibility study, we further exploit this learning route to allow Madglove to gain significant advantages over alternative orthotic devices available on the market. To this end, we develop a strategically sound business plan for the future start-up and produce a minimum viable product for at-home rehabilitation. Note: The orginal idea came from a group of (former) master students in Human Movement Sciences: Madalina Riurean, Cara Knott, David Gotti, and Tobi Makinda.