If you are a keen cyclist, and would want to participate in the research, then read on!

Stephan van der Zwaard will in September '22 start a research project into the effect of different training interventions on cyclists' performance.

One of the goals of the study is to improve both the sprint and endurance after a combined strength and endurance training. With the new insights that will follow from the research, the researchers aim to give cyclists more specific advice in the future for a particular form of training so that they can train in a more efficient manner.

As a participant you will get insight into the effect of training on your sprint and endurance, as the research aims to identify the effect of different training interventions on cyclists' performance.

If you want to particpate, you will get

  • A personalized training schedule;
  • Detailed insight into your performance profile and training adaptations;
  • A financial compensation of 100 euros;

Conditions for participation

  • Aged between 18 and 55 years;
  • Living in or around Amsterdam;
  • Minimum 2 years of cycling experience;
  • A current training frequency of 3 - 4 x a week;
  • Are you interested, want to register or need more information?
  • Visit the project website.

The research is financed by the AMS Revanche grant, awarded to Stephan van der Zwaard early 2022 and is conducted by a research group at the Faculty of Behaviour and Movement Sciences at VU University Amsterdam. The research group's mission is to enable athletes to train in the most effective way possible, based on scientific insights, with the aim of improving the athlete's performance.