The AMS awards were handed out by Richard Jaspers to four candidates. Anne Stratings proposal is entitled Why your workout is not working: Skeletal muscle mitochondrial cristae impairments in people with type 1 diabetes mellitus, and was supervised by Dr. Richie P. Goulding, FGB: Mathijs van der Laan’s proposal is entitled: The ins and outs of cardiopulmonary exercise testing, also supervised by  Dr. Richie P. Goulding, FGB. The title of Britt van Hees’s proposal is: Mind the Gap: Measuring Electromechanical Delays of the Pelvic Floor, he was supervised by Prof.dr. Annelies Pool-Goudzwaard, FGB. Braeden Charlton’s proposal carries the title: Viral infections and muscle metabolism: low NAD+ as possible new avenue for therapeutic intervention in patients with PASC, with Dr. Rob Wust, FGB, as supervisor. The jury consisted of Jaap van NettenIbrahim KorkmazMarijke de Leuwerk and Stephan van der Zwaard. Congrats to all!