Raymond Ostelo (PI) and collaborators from the professional regional and national professional alliances of physiotherapy, occupational therapy and dieticians have been given a ZonMw grant of €300.000 for the project Improving primary care rehabilitation for trauma patients.

In this project the researchers aim to improve the integrated care of healthcare professionals for older adults following hospital admission due to a trauma. Within this project the reesearchers build on two current projects, Transmura Trauma Care Model (TTCM) and the Revolving Door project (Draaideur project). For older adults the researchers aim to add screening and treatment of frailty to the current transmural trauma care chain to avoid deterioration of their independency and recurrent acute hospitalization due to increase in frailty. To do so, the researchers need to improve the collaboration between the healthcare professionals in primary care.

The research is a developmental study and uses a mixed methods design. The researchers start with qualitative research with the patients and healthcare professionals to design a transmural care pathway, followed by action research where execute 3 cycles of implementation, evaluation and adaption of the pathway. The care-pathway will be implemented in both the Amsterdam UMC and Boven IJ hospital.