Cancer Center Amsterdam is an oncology center that aims to create groundbreaking new possibilities for patients with cancer. We pioneer new ideas, insights and options. Inspired -and often aided- by today’s patients within and outside our clinic, we want to increase possibilities for the patients of tomorrow. We develop, research and share insights on how to prevent, detect, cure and live with cancer.

The more we know, the better we can educate the next generation of specialists. Researchers, doctors and caregivers share one goal: a better future for patients with cancer.

Oncology: Science & Care connected

Mission and vision

As Academic Cancer Center we want to learn from every patient. Together we make sure more patients are included in research studies, whether they are treated here or elsewhere. We also share the latest insights within our field of expertise, with professionals in other locations.

Our professionals have sometimes rare expertise and have access to remarkable care and research facilities. It is our ambition to be an International leading Academic Cancer Center that is aimed at improving cancer therapy, life expectancy and quality of life for patients with cancer by focusing on (early) detection of cancer and to provide an optimal personalized treatment.

We believe that an integrated, multidisciplinary approach is essential to provide the best and most innovative care. With our ‘from bench to bedside focus’, we strive to bring new research findings   into clinical practice. We pay attention to the latest developments in the field of oncology and give state-of-the-art training to students and the next generation of doctors, nurses and researchers.

In our view, a better understanding of the underlying pathophysiology, combined with technical advances and patient-tailored novel combination therapies, is key to improve outcome for our patients. We encourage maximum patient participation in our research.


Cancer Center Amsterdam is more than a research institute. We want to learn from every patient. Therefore, Cancer Center Amsterdam is a center for patient care, research and education. Cancer Center Amsterdam is led by two directors, prof. Jan Paul Medema (scientific director) and prof. Geert Kazemier (medical director). There is a supervisory board with five members and a support staff. We also have a research board which advises on all research related policy.

Board of Directors

Research Board

Support staff

Cancer Center Amsterdam

Evelien Bos - education
Suzanne van Gompel - communication
Eefje van Kessel - program manager care
Marieke Koelink - research, care, secretary board of directors
Linda Kooter - secretary
Gitta Kuipers - program manager research
Esther Ruhé - education, oncology graduate school Amsterdam (OOA)
Marianka van der Tol - business development, valorisation

Stichting Cancer Center Amsterdam

Yessica Denisse - fundraiser
Joke van Diemen - office manager
Maarten Regtuit - finances


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