Cancer Center Amsterdam is an academic oncology center that aims to create groundbreaking new possibilities for patients with cancer. To achieve this, we integrate world-class research with healthcare and education to boldly push boundaries and discover new insights and opportunities. By making direct use of the knowledge obtained from our research, we can provide the best innovative and compassionate care for patients with cancer.
Curing cancer is our goal. To achieve this, we conduct top research, push boundaries, and have to act with courage.” Executive Board, Cancer Center Amsterdam.

Academic oncology center

Cancer Center Amsterdam has unique expertise that is not available elsewhere in the region or nationally. Our patients also have direct access to all other specialist care that might be necessary for their treatment because Cancer Center Amsterdam is housed within Amsterdam UMC, the largest university medical center in the Netherlands. We form integrated multidisciplinary teams that ensure our patients receive the best possible care.

As an academic center, we provide an outstanding environment for future cancer scientists and clinicians to train, conduct translational and clinical research, and care for cancer patients. We provide education to students at the Amsterdam universities, the Oncology Graduate School and the Doctoral School Amsterdam UMC.

Our specific expertise in many oncological areas is recognized nationally and internationally.

Integrating science and care

At Cancer Center Amsterdam, care for patients with cancer is inextricably linked to cancer research. We invite our patients to join us as partners in research - not only to participate - but also to help shape our research and care by sharing their perceptions and experiences. In this way, we improve existing treatments and develop the therapies of the future as quickly and safely as possible.

Cancer Center Amsterdam emphatically sees it as its task to create an inextricable connection between care and research.” Executive Board, Cancer Center Amsterdam.

Transcending boundaries

A primary task of Cancer Center Amsterdam is the development of a vision that transcends departments, divisions, and even the Amsterdam UMC in the regional coordination of care for cancer patients.

Cancer Center Amsterdam also explicitly looks beyond the region. We lead efforts to solve the problems of cancer worldwide together with a consortia of research institutes and industrial partners. Our national and international cross-disciplinary networks facilitate the knowledge transfer necessary to spur innovation.

All oncology professionals within Amsterdam UMC stand under the banner of Cancer Center Amsterdam with a shared goal: a better future for patients with cancer.

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Cancer Center Amsterdam was founded as a research institute over 25 years ago by Bob Pinedo and his colleagues to pursue innovative cancer research. Today, Cancer Center Amsterdam is an academic oncology center encompassing all cancer care, research and education at Amsterdam UMC. It is also aligned with the Cancer Center Amsterdam Foundation, which raises funds to empower promising developments in oncology research and patient care at Amsterdam UMC.

Cancer Center Amsterdam is led by an Executive Board with five members. They are assisted by a support staff. We also have a research board which advises on all research-related policies.

Executive Board

Research Board

Support staff

Cancer Center Amsterdam

Evelien Bos - education
Eefje van Kessel - program manager care
Aniek Willems - project member onconext
Marieke Koelink - research, care, secretary board of directors
Gitta Kuipers - program manager research
Wietske Pieters - grant advisor
Esther Ruhé - education, oncology graduate school Amsterdam (OOA)
Timo Smets - business development, valorisation
Marianka van der Tol - business development, valorisation
Jolieke Weijmer - communication and administration
Wendy Onstenk - project leader ren voor de regio
Maartje Leemans - project member ren voor de regio
Michiel Siroen - manager

Stichting Cancer Center Amsterdam

Yessica Denisse - fundraiser
Tinha Oehl - fundraiser
Carlijn Neelissen - fundraiser
Ivo van der Vlugt - financial controler
Joke van Diemen - program manager
Wieger Ketellapper - operational manager


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