Research groups

  • Group of Hans Crezee
    Group of Hans Crezee Hyperthermia has pleiotropic effects on tumor cells, our research aims at establishing the optimal temperature, timing and sequence when combining hyperthermia with radiotherapy or chemotherapy.
  • Group of Rosalie Luiten
    Group of Rosalie Luiten The Pigment cell research team at Amsterdam UMC, headed by prof. dr. Rosalie Luiten, is specialized in vitiligo and skin cancer and includes both autoimmunity and cancer immunity research.
  • Group of Linda Douw
    Group of Linda Douw In the multiscale network neuroscience (MULTINET) team we strive to improve glioma patient outcomes by understanding and manipulating personalized multiscale network data.
  • Group of Arjan Griffioen
    Group of Arjan Griffioen The Angiogenesis Laboratory has a long-standing interest in the biology of the tumor vasculature.
  • Group of Victor Thijssen
    Group of Victor Thijssen My group is interested in deciphering the molecular response mechanisms to clinical schedules of fractionated radiotherapy.