All PhD students working in oncology are enrolled in the Oncology Graduate School Amsterdam (OOA). Our main goal is to offer all Amsterdam Oncology PhD candidates (over 800) a unique and specialized educational program in oncology as part of their PhD training program. We also guide PhD students in selecting educational activities that are in line with their interest and background.

The Oncology Graduate School Amsterdam (OOA) is a joint graduate school of Amsterdam UMC Cancer Center Amsterdam and the Netherlands Cancer Institue.

The OOA educational activities - complementary to the educational programme of the Netherlands Cancer Institue, Amstel  Academy and Amsterdam UMC Doctoral School - include courses, seminars, masterclasses and meetings with international experts. A highlight is the three-day annual retreat, which focuses entirely on the research conducted by the OOA PhD candidates. The retreat is highly appreciated by the participants and considered stimulating scientifically as well as socially.

The OOA has been accredited by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) since 1993, and received the status very good/excellent for the period 2016 – 2021. The strength of OOA comes from the integration of the basic, translational and clinical research of the participating institutes. OOA-based researchers as well as (inter)national experts are involved in the OOA educational program, providing, OOA students the unique opportunity to learn about the latest developments in cancer research at an outstanding level.

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