The mission of Amsterdam Oncology and Neuroscience Research (ADORE) is to propel research into the development and application of next generation therapeutics. The initiative combines the strengths of different disciplines – oncology and neuroscience - to investigate disease mechanisms and new treatment options using different perspectives and methods. ADORE is a joint initiative from Amsterdam UMC and the VU University Amsterdam, under the direction of Cancer Center Amsterdam and Amsterdam Neuroscience (ANS).

Innovation Center ADORE will also connect science and business by offering companies access to unique scientific and clinical expertise, as well as research facilities via the Industry Alliance Office (IAO) and Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (IXA). The collaboration with industry partners aims to accelerate innovation in the development and application of cell and gene therapy in the fight against cancer and neurological diseases. To achieve this goal, new facilities will be set up, including a good manufacturing practice (GMP)-grade facility for the development of new cell therapies, and a highly sensitive whole-body PET-CT imager for radiolabeling and tracking studies involving patients.

A dedicated team of business developers work as knowledge providers and ambassadors, side by side with scientists, to market scientific and clinical expertise and access to the state-of-the-art facilities within ADORE Innovation Center.

The ADORE business development team is led by experienced business developers, Marianka van der Tol (IXA-CCA) and Sasja Heetveld (IAO-ANS). Timo Smets and Mark Mizee have recently joined the team to help bridge academic and industry needs. Please reach out to us to get acquainted and discuss how you can accelerate your research through industry partnerships.

Mark Mizee
Mark joined IAO for Amsterdam Neuroscience and ADORE as a business developer in April 2021. By representing pre-clinical and clinical research expertise and infrastructure within Amsterdam Neuroscience to biotech and pharma, his goal is to drive innovation through collaborative research partnerships. His focus is on next-generation interventions like cell and gene therapies for neurological disorders. Prior to joining the IAO, Mark received a PhD in neuroimmunology from the VU, studied human microglia at the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, and was the business developer for the Netherlands Brain Bank and the Spinoza Centre for neuroimaging.

Timo Smets
Timo started as an IXA business developer in June 2021, dedicated to Cancer Center Amsterdam and ADORE. In his role, Timo will assist researchers in the translation of their research to the clinic. On a global scale, Timo will actively reach out to pharma and biotech companies in order to set up collaborative research partnerships with Cancer Center Amsterdam and ADORE. Timo holds a Masters in Biomedical Sciences, with a focus on oncology. Working for ttopstart, a former spin-off from the VUmc TTO, Timo has prior business development experience within biotech. With his work as an account manager in cardiac surgery for Medtronic, Timo brings his commercial and customer focused mindset to the table. Timo is very excited to be back in the biomedical field.

ADORE Business Development team:
Marianka van der Tol
Sasja Heetveld      
Timo Smets           
Mark Mizee            

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