Support for researchers with discoveries that could change the lives of patients with cancer or ideas that could potentially be groundbreaking

Do you have research results that could change the lives of patients with cancer. Or do you have a new and feasible idea that could potentially be groundbreaking?

The IXA alliance office Cancer Center Amsterdam is here to support you. Together we can explore if and how society can benefit from your results. IXA, or Innovation Exchange Amsterdam, operates as a department of Amsterdam UMC and assists researchers in creating value from their expertise and discoveries.

Questions you can expect from our team are:

  • What problem is addressed and what solution do you offer?
  • Is practical application possible, and what steps would be needed for this?
  • Are similar products or services already available? If so, what makes your solution stand out?
  • What could be potential revenues, commercial and/or societal

    Cancer Center Amsterdam stimulates entrepreneurial thinking. IXA organizes a number of workshops and courses about valorization, entrepreneurship, sharing research results and collaborating with external parties, free of charge. More information can be found on the IXA website.

    Are external parties showing an interest in your research?

    Collaboration with external parties, both on a regional, national and international level is a crucial step towards valorizing your research. The IXA alliance office Cancer Center Amsterdam can support you right from the start – not only by taking care of the legal formalities but also by helping you negotiate fees and a balanced agreement with the external party. The earlier you reach out to us, the better!  For more information about collaboration with third parties, visit the IXA website.

    In addition to collaboration assistance, our support includes:

    • Assistance with grant submission for public-private partnerships (e.g. TKI-PPP);
    • Advising on protecting your knowledge, patent applications & licensing of technology;
    • Facilitating connection to colleagues, mentors or external partners to help your research move forward;
    • Helping you start your own company;
    • Assisting with building a business case;
    • Workshops in valorization.

      Some examples of what has been achieved together so far:

      • Spin off of a molecular diagnostics platform to a large US company “Met één druppel bloed vaststellen of iemand kanker heeft en welke vorm”;
      • Implementing Oncokompas, an online tool that helps people improve their quality life after cancer via a fully automated behavioral intervention application;
      • Creating public attention and successful crowdfunding by winning the Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award 2018;
      • Licensing a promising new cell therapy developed at the Medical Oncology department to a new biotech;
      • Licensing a technology to detect minimal residual disease developed at the Hematology lab to a large US partner.