The tab “Conduct & Collecting data” contains topics such as monitoring research, setting up a data management plan, maintaining research records, recruiting human subjects, collecting research data, and safety reporting.

Information that specifically applies to WMO or Non-WMO research is marked by a colour.

WMO Research Research is subject to the WMO if the following criteria are met:
1. It concerns medical scientific research and
2. Participants are subject to procedures or are required to follow rules of behaviour.
Non-WMO Research Medical scientific research which does not meet the criteria of the WMO. For example data collection from medical records.
  • Preparing study start
    Preparing study start After approval of the concerning review parties you may start conducting your research. Study-specific actions and procedures should be arranged and documented.
  • Conducting research
    Conducting research Depending on your type of research, activities in this step include finding participants, collecting data, progress reporting, safety reporting, keeping track of essential documentation, submitting of amendments.