The interests of human subjects involved in medical research are protected by a number of (supplementary) laws, decrees, regulations, directives and codes of conduct. Applicable legislation may depend on the specificities of the research (such as research using a medicinal product or medical device, trials with embryos, population screening, or research involving children or incapacitated subjects). Amsterdam UMC is working on a research environment that promotes and guarantees good research practice and has endorsed The Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity which articulates broad values and principles that characterize an integer research culture. A comprehensive list of national laws and regulations you find at the bottom of this page.

Amsterdam UMC policies

In order to ensure that scientific research with human subjects is conducted responsibly at Amsterdam UMC the following generally applicable policies have been compiled.

Shared values and principles of honesty and integrity lay the foundation of responsible teaching and conduct of research. Amsterdam UMC is working on a research environment that promotes and guarantees good research practice and has endorsed  (see 'Downloads').

  • Amsterdam UMC Research Code
    In addition to the Code of Conduct for Research Integrity the Amsterdam UMC Research Code defines local guidelines and expectations that researchers and staff are expected to follow when conducting research at Amsterdam UMC. Good research flourishes in an academic climate characterized by honesty, scrupulousness, transparency, independence and responsibility—five principles that form the basis of the Amsterdam UMC Research Code

HRP Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are an important component of the quality assurance system ensuring that research is prepared, conducted and completed in accordance with the research protocol, Good Clinical Practice (GCP), as well as other relevant regulatory measures.

A set of SOPs is available within Amsterdam UMC for the standard performance of certain tasks and activities in the research process.

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  • SOP Informed Consent
  • SOP Reporting deviations & escalations in research involving human subjects
  • SOP Management and archiving essential documents
  • SOP Safety reporting
  • SOP Central Data Safety Monitoring Board Amsterdam UMC
  • SOP Research Data Management

          (inter)National law and regulations