Data Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB)

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It may be necessary to set up a Data Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB) for the duration of the project’s implementation stage in order to monitor the safety of the human subjects involved.

A DSMB is an independent committee of experts who carry out assessments at fixed times to ensure that the balance between clinical utility and the demands on human subjects remains at an acceptable level during the research phase, and to issue advice about whether modifications are necessary for the study’s progress.

A DSMB is made up of a chairperson (a clinician), an epidemiologist or statistician, and one or more additional experts in the relevant professional field. The DSMB members must not be associated with the research team, something that’s set out in a signed statement of independence.

Amsterdam UMC offers a central DSMB pool for studies with a high risk classification sponsored by Amsterdam UMC. The organisation of these DSMB meetings, planning etc. is delegated to CMC. Please contact CMC for questions and/or assitance through: 

For further information see GCT SOP 05 Central DSMB Amsterdam UMC