One of the many consequences of the covid pandemic is the delay in scientific research, which can especially affect young researchers with a temporary contract. NWO and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (National Education Program) have made funds available to enable them to complete their research.

With the approval of the works councils, a second round of the scheme has been drawn up within Amsterdam UMC for the distribution of the allocated resources. For every full-time researcher who meets the conditions, the project leader will receive a voucher worth EUR 7,900. With a part-time contract, this amount is calculated pro rata. Researchers who were employed as of 01-05-2020 or 1-12-2021, and who did not receive a voucher in the first round, will be eligible for a voucher in this round

Explanation of Damages

Access to a digital environment (The Voucher Tool) and associated conditions will be sent by email to all project leaders and project controllers/financial advisors involved. The researchers who meet the conditions will also receive an email confirming that a voucher has been issued. The project leaders must explain in the budget what damage/delay has been incurred. They can then declare costs that have already been incurred or will be incurred until December 31, 2024. The submitted budget is used as input for the accountability to OC&W via the management report of Amsterdam UMC. It must therefore be complete, correct and unique. The latter means that the damage has not already been claimed for other vouchers (including round 1).

It is also agreed that the project leader will inform the young researchers in their research group about how the vouchers will be spent. If the voucher is not spent on the wage costs of young researchers with a temporary contract, this choice must be further substantiated. Only material and other costs that are necessary for the completion of the research are eligible for compensation, in addition to personnel costs.


As a young researcher, do you not feel heard and can you demonstrate what your damage has been? Then you have the option to submit a notice of objection. A specially established committee will look into this. You can find the corresponding objection regulations here (in Dutch).

Missing answers?

Are you still missing answers to your questions? Please email them to your project controller/financial advisor.